McAfee promises to patch vulnerability

Edinburgh IT Support company, Consider IT, would like to make clients and visitors aware of a recent McAfee vulnerability that has been confirmed by McAfee themselves.

McAfee is promising to fix a vulnerability in its anti-malware service after it was alerted to a flaw that allows systems where the product was installed to be turned into spammers.

The spamming problem from this software resulted in major inconvenience for some McAfee customers, whose email was blocked after their IP addresses appeared on blacklists. McAfee’s forums show some of these customers complaining here and here.

In a blog post (here), McAfee said:

The patch will be released on January 18 or 19, as soon as we have finished testing. Because this is a managed product, all affected customers will automatically receive the patch when it is released.

McAfee says both the issues are restricted to SaaS for Total Protection and don’t affect any of its other products.