Avoid the damage of extended downtime and data loss with a business continuity plan including automatic backups and rapid cross-platform recovery.

Business Data Backup – Continuity Compliance – Rapid Disaster Recovery


No matter how much effort you put into prevention, software issues, fires, floods, cyber-attacks, or even good old human error are just a few ways that downtime can occur, even in the robust IT systems. It’s important to have a plan in place for when downtime does happen, and to avoid the damage of data loss at all costs.

Here’s how our business continuity services can help you bounce back quickly when disaster strikes.

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.Data Loss Prevention

We minimise any opportunity for data loss with automated backups at regular intervals. This automated process removes the chance of human error and saves the time needed for you to manually backup your data.

.Cross-platform Continuity

Our team will create a seamless backup system for your business, even if you operate a cross-platform Windows, Linux and cloud-based infrastructure.

.Virtualised Recovery

Time is money. Or more specifically, downtime is money lost. That’s why we use your backup to launch a virtualised environment just minutes after downtime occurs. Ensuring quick and efficient data restoration.

.Managed Backup

Not only will we help you to set up a robust and reliable backup of your business data, our team will carry out regular testing to ensure you meet all the compliance standards required for your business.

.Contingency Planning

Our team will help you break down the most likely scenarios for disruption to your business and set plans that will spring into action as soon as those scenarios occur. Saving you valuable time and resources in a crisis.


The IT infrastructure is an integral element to the operational success of your business, just as the data you have on file is so crucial to your strategic success.

The ability to rapidly recover both your operational IT environment and your business data is the key to survival. Find out why these clients trust our business continuity services to cover their backs.



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