Are you a passionate IT professional who isn’t afraid to bring their personality to work? Then we want to hear from you.

Check out our current list of open positions below to see where you could fit in to the Consider IT team.


Training & Development
Joining the team at Consider IT is just the start. We’ll continue to support your career development by investing in ongoing training and accreditations.

Rewards & Recognition
We’re the best at what we do because we believe in recognition and rewards that match the effort our team puts into delivering that standard of service.

Your Teammates
It might get competitive around the pool table, but we always work as one. Be part of a team that brings their personality to work.

Consider IT are part of the glue that helps our business run successfully. No longer do we have terrifying nightmares about servers falling over, security breaches and equipment going belly-up. The team at Consider IT give us peace of mind, they are one step ahead of everything, ensuring they are eradicating issues before they happen. Ultimately this leave the team at LEWIS to get on and focus on their roles instead of staring at IT equipment and swearing under their tongues.

David Lewis, Managing Director,

Consider IT don't just help us with the day-to-day requests, but also work with us as IT partners to help find new solutions. To all intents and purposes, they're an extension of our own team.

Lloyd Vaughan, Managing Director, Nile HQ