Email Virus: CWIH8974 PAYMENT RECEIVED from Avril Sparrowhawk

We are currently aware of a lot of malicious spam emails currently doing the rounds. As of posting this, few anti-viruses pick up the virus attachments.

The fake email pretends to come from e-mail address [email protected], but is actually a simple forgery and does not in fact come from Les Caves.

The contents of the e-mail message are as follows:

From:    Avril Sparrowhawk [[email protected]]
Date:    22 December 2015 at 11:14

Good afternoon

Thanks very much for your payment we recently from you, however there was a missed invoice.  Can you just confirm this will be included in the next payment run, or whether there were any queries with this particular invoice?

I have attached the invoice for your reference.

Kind regards


If you receive this e-mail, delete it immediately and contact your IT Support company. Do not open the attachment(s).

The attached file is a malicious document “CWIH8974.doc” which has a low detection rate. There are likely other variants of this virus going around but in the cases we’ve seen it downloads a malicious executable file from.

If you have already opened the attachment, contact your IT Support company after shutting down your computer. They will want to completely wipe it with a fresh reinstall.

The virus itself allows the hacker to compromise the web browser so that when the user tries to log in to their Internet Banking, the details are leaked to the hacker who attempts to withdraw funds from the user’s bank account.