FTTC: Openreach modem removed from the equation

As of 1st April 2016, there will no longer be an Openreach modem installed for new FTTC connections. This means that when the Openreach engineer visits to switch you on with our service they will only do the jumpering activity at the local street cabinet and then close the job. This means you wont have to wait in on the engineer coming to your premise to install any equipment.

If you’ve decided to purchase your router and equipment through Consider IT, we’ll have it all preconfigured for you. If you’ve chosen for a site install, one of our technicians will still turn up on site at the pre-agreed time to get you online.

Openreach are running this as a pilot and will be holding regular review sessions to understand the highlights and lowlights of these kinds of installs. We’re confident that this makes more sense in the long run as we offer a combined modem and router in one box as standard.