40% of home Wi-Fi users don’t understand security settings

An online survey commissioned by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has shown that 40% of people who have Wi-Fi at home do not understand how to change the security settings on their wireless (Wi-Fi) networks.

The survey, carried out online by YouGov, has also revealed that, despite most internet service providers now setting up and installing their customers’ Wi-Fi security settings for them, 16% of the people surveyed with a home Wi-Fi network are either unsure or are already aware that they are using an unsecured network.

The ICO is also calling for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), retailers and manufacturers to make sure the guidance supplied with their Wi-Fi equipment is clear to the end user and fully explains the risks of people using an unsecured connection.

The new guidance from the ICO explains how people can check the security settings on their Wi-Fi router and provides information on how to make the network more secure, including setting up a strong password to stop other people accessing the network and making sure the information sent over the device is encrypted.

The guidance from the ICO on the use of Wi-Fi networks is available here: http://www.ico.gov.uk/for_the_public/topic_specific_guides/wifi_security.aspx