365 Migration

Creating a platform for smart, secure growth

Consider IT empowered a finance firm to enter their next growth stage with a safe, secure and seamless Microsoft 365 migration.


Migrating email with minimal downtime

Our long-term finance client had grown its business steadily then began to stagnate. Our team identified the clients overworked email server was slowing down productivity and decelerating growth. So, we acted fast to change systems – the onsite exchange was migrated to Microsoft 365. The change made business growth much easier. Our clients experienced a boost of productivity, and the directors confidently accelerated the pace of growth – efficiently and securely.


The growing pains of business

Working directly with the directors of the business, we had been partners for everything IT needs to do. With our proactive support, the company had continuously grown with more customers, more employees and more revenue.

Where most finance companies struggle to keep up with the ever-changing digital world, we helped our client thrive. We helped them grow their customer base and increase revenue by working closely alongside their directors in order provide proactive support for every IT need.

However, growth isn’t always easy.

With so many accounts and emails, the firm’s Exchange email server was overworked. Emails were taking too long to retrieve and work with, which is why the firm needed a better option to boost productivity.

Migrating to Office 365 would solve all their issues!

With the introduction of Office 365, it became possible for this company to take advantage of new opportunities.

With M365, everything was available in the cloud so the client unlocked better collaboration tools, data security and flexibility.

Our Approach

Minimising risk and downtime at every stage

Our client knew they needed to update their system and adopt Microsoft 365 for email. The directors of the company hesitated. They feared making that transition would be fraught with risk and downtime.

Our experienced team know what it takes to get things done and make the complex simple for our clients – above all minimise risk. Our clients were reassured the migration to Microsoft 365, by Consider IT, would take place with no issues or hiccups.

Experience has taught us to identify risk and the places where prolonged downtime could happen. With our best practice roadmap in place, we developed a clear plan for migration, highlighting to our clients’ key deliverables and associated risks at every key stage.

Our team effectively plans to address potential problems and keep email available throughout the phases of migration.

Following this important planning stage, we:

  • – Migrated every email account from Microsoft Exchange to Microsoft 365
  • – Decommissioned the existing Microsoft Exchange server
  • – Migrated public folders
  • – Integrated the new implementation with Active Directory credentials
  • – Configured and deployed SharePoint Online

Crucially, all this work was completed out-of-hours, helping to keep employees productive and emails flowing when it mattered most.

The Impact

A future-proofed email platform

The Microsoft 365 migration turned a complex process into a largely invisible one for our client and its employees. The new possibilities are felt company wide, across every department.

  • Scalability: Our client can grow comfortably with an email server that’s ready to scale
  • Easier management: IT teams have a single interface that allows them to control and automate repetitive tasks
  • Better security: Microsoft 365 makes online backups quick, easy and sensitive data safeguarded.
  • A complete package: Our client can now enjoy the benefits of Office 365 – all integrated with email and future proofed for the new era of digital communication