Eden Scott: A Case study

Transforming business, delivering operational improvements.

Who Is Eden Scott?

Eden Scott, the people business.

Eden Scott is a renowned recruitment company with offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen. Established in 2003 by founders Guy, Michelle, and Chris, the company was born out of a shared vision to revolutionise the recruitment industry. Driven by their passion for connecting talent with businesses and their dedication to providing exceptional services, Eden Scott embarked on a journey to make a significant difference in the job market.

Over the years, Eden Scott has grown into a formidable force in the recruitment sector, boasting a team of more than 40 skilled recruiters who share the founders’ enthusiasm and commitment. Their expertise spans across 15 industries, enabling them to offer comprehensive recruitment solutions that cater to permanent, contract, and temporary staffing requirements for businesses of any scale.


On the lookout for a new IT support partner

Previously, Eden Scott had been relying on an IT service provider that failed to meet their expectations and requirements. The company faced issues that hindered their operations and left them dissatisfied with the service levels they were receiving. One of the primary concerns was the lack of efficient and effective resolution of technical problems, leading to frustration and a loss of trust in their IT support.

The company’s cyber security was also a major priority, and they were eager to enhance their cyber defences. As a business handling sensitive candidate data and confidential client information, data protection was of paramount importance.

Eden Scott are a Cyber Essentials certified organisation, and so maintaining compliance standards and safeguarding data from cyber breaches and threats has always been top of mind.

In addition, Eden Scott wanted a more responsive and communicative tech team. Their previous IT provider’s communication was lacking, and they felt left in the dark about the progress of support tickets and the status of ongoing issues.

Overall, Eden Scott sought an IT partner that could deliver prompt and effective support, bolster their cyber security defences, maintain data protection measures, and provide clear and consistent communication throughout their collaboration.

Our Approach

Onboarding Eden Scott as a Consider IT client

After evaluating various MSPs through a tender process, Eden Scott selected Consider IT as their preferred IT support and cyber security partner.

“The decision was driven by Consider IT’s cultural fit, exemplified by their friendly, approachable team.

We were confident in Consider IT’s ability to provide the standard of service we needed, backed by their expertise and commitment to data protection and cybersecurity.

With Consider IT on board, we could now focus on our core business operations without fussing over IT problems.”

Louise Moncrieff, Operations Executive at Eden Scott

The onboarding process with Consider IT commenced swiftly after Eden Scott’s decision. Consider IT’s team initiated visits to Eden Scott’s offices, immersing themselves in the company’s operations to gain a comprehensive understanding of their business needs. During these visits, they tagged assets and gathered detailed device specifications, setting the groundwork for a seamless integration of IT services.

Consider IT prepared onboarding documents to delve into Eden Scott’s existing IT infrastructure in great detail, enabling them to align their IT solutions with Eden Scott’s business objectives. This approach ensured that the IT support provided would be tailored to meet the company’s specific requirements and contribute to their overall success.

Moreover, Consider IT proactively liaised with Eden Scott’s existing IT supplier to facilitate a smooth transition of services. Effective communication and collaboration ensured minimal disruption during the handover process, enabling a seamless transfer of responsibilities.

One of the primary focus areas was enhancing Eden Scott’s cybersecurity posture. Consider IT conducted a comprehensive evaluation of their existing security systems and implemented robust measures to enhance their defences and establish an industry-leading security infrastructure. Safeguarding sensitive data has always been a top priority for Eden Scott, but with Consider IT’s best in class cybersecurity solutions, they were confident the partnership would reinforce the company’s defence against potential threats.

With the onboarding process successfully completed, Consider IT assumed responsibility for all day-to-day IT management and support tickets. Their responsive and efficient support team quickly addressed any technical issues that arose, providing Eden Scott with the prompt and reliable assistance they had been seeking.

The Impact

Operational improvements and peace of mind

Since partnering with Consider IT, Eden Scott has experienced a significant boost in confidence regarding their system security and overall IT infrastructure.

“Partnering with Consider IT has been a game-changer for Eden Scott. The massive boost in confidence we now have in our system security is invaluable. Our staff are delighted with the top-notch first-line support they receive, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operations.

By increasing our understanding of our own overall systems and connections it has empowered our team to make informed decisions. Consider IT has truly transformed our IT landscape, allowing us to focus on our core business with efficiency and peace of mind.”

Louise Moncrieff, Operations Executive at Eden Scott

Overall, the partnership with Consider IT has brought about transformative results for Eden Scott. With enhanced system security, improved staff satisfaction with support services, and an increased understanding of their IT systems, the company has seen significant operational improvements.

As a result, Eden Scott can now focus on their core mission of connecting talent with businesses, confident in the knowledge that they have a reliable and supportive IT partner in Consider IT.