Server Migration

Making server migration feel effortless

How we managed the move from an end of life server to a secure, resilient replacement.


Comprehensive support, advice and server migration

When one of our long-term clients needed to replace an outdated Windows server, we took care of everything – from designing the right specification from scratch to migrating data and implementation. The client could focus on other important aspects of running a PR and Media business without worrying about technical details of a server migration.


The risk of outdated servers

The client’s old Windows 2008 server was clearly not up to the job of serving a growing company. It simply couldn’t keep pace with an expanding PR firm. The server was becoming unstable, causing performance issues for employees and the lack of storage was a limiting factor too.

Windows 2008 was an aging operating system and its ‘end-of life’ meant that Microsoft would no longer provide support or security patches. This left the server potentially exposed to a wide range of software vulnerabilities – a number that would only grow over time with more bugs running on it.

Our client asked for server migration IT support to:

Specify a future-proofed replacement that was ready for the next stage of growth

Migrate all data from the existing server to the new one

Configure the new server to work with existing devices like printers

Minimise disruption to daily operations and the employee experience

Our Approach

Stay ahead of the curve to future proof client’s business

Given our existing relationship, our client was happy to trust the technical challenge of server migration to our technical people. 

Like always we built a close working relationship with our client. So, we were the right people to assess the way the server was used and plan to stabilise and future proof the business. 

To help future proof their business, we combined our existing knowledge of their business with our forward-thinking IT expertise. We assumed overall responsibility of the entire Windows Server migration. Meanwhile the busy PR firm continued to fully function. 

In the early stages, this was about balancing today’s needs with tomorrow’s ambitions. It was important that any new server fit seamlessly into existing workflows. The end goal for a growing business is scalability – a new server should support more data and more users with additional devices over time. 

By discussing the job details and specifications with our client, we researched the ideal replacement hardware and software that suited them perfectly. On behalf of the client, we sourced the right equipment to fit the complex specification and on budget. 

As a hands-on team we could apply our experience with server migrations to work in a structured, focused way – the data like user profiles were all transferred accurately and completely. As well as transferring network attached storage we also configured and deployed new printer objects to all devices. The client’s positive experience was down to regular communication, validation and verification.  Our client felt confident that they could hit the ground running after the server migration.

Going a step further we recommended and implemented a new backup solution – adding a layer of security to prevent data loss, hardware failure, or malware attacks.

The Impact

Productive people, now and in the future

Our client’s new Windows server is more secure and better protected against internal and external threats. Equally important it is a fit-for-purpose server that helps people be productive and bring joy back to their day jobs.  

The successful migration means their employees can continue doing business as usual with all their existing devices and data still seamlessly integrated. Better still, increased server specs and disk drives work faster, are more flexible which gives space for future expansion!

The server migration was a complex change that we made look easy to make their life easy and more productive.