Turning IT into value, not an obstacle

How we helped an energy company switch IT support to get more from technology while spending less.


Tailored IT support that’s value driven

When an energy firm’s IT costs were spiralling out of control, they turned to Consider IT for a more efficient, experienced and effective level of IT support – while reducing their costs without compromising on high quality service levels.


Unlocking the value of IT 

After several years of growth, an energy company was unhappy with its current IT firm – and its associated costs. They’d had enough and began to look elsewhere.

Under a ‘pay as you use’ contract, the energy company realised that it was paying costs that simply weren’t sustainable. The spiralling expense of IT support was making it impossible to drive real value from technology. And the problem was becoming more severe as the company continued to expand.

The challenge was switching IT support to a company they could trust – an IT company that would balance affordable costs and superior services. While also ensuring IT is viewed as an integral part of an energy business, not just another costly headache.

After asking industry peers and colleagues for recommendations they contacted Consider IT.

Our Approach

Tailored support that’s consistently effective

The first step of our IT support onboarding process was an important discussion about the company’s current challenges and future aims. By taking time to understand their business, we could advise on how a better breed of IT support would be tailored specifically for their needs.

We were able to prepare indicative costs, bringing transparency into the process and demonstrating our commitment for clarity.

With these costs approved, we started a comprehensive IT onboarding process including:

Friendly visits to our office to meet the team and see how we work

On-site client visits to build our understanding, tag assets, and gather device specifications

Preparing detailed on-boarding documents including floor plans and strategic aims

Liaising with existing IT support provider to guarantee switching support smoothly and seamlessly

Following the easy step by step onboarding process, our team took over handling all day-to-day IT management, support calls and emails, and on-boarding new equipment.

The Impact

Comprehensive support made easy

Today, we handle all day-to-day IT, including network infrastructure management. We also configure changes to staff, from new equipment to decommissioning old credentials.

Over the course of our relationship, we have added:

Server support

Business continuity

Microsoft 365 management

What sets us apart is our commitment towards building relationships with clients that last. Our team help people feel safe and confident about using technology and discover how to unlock the value of IT.