IT Manager Support

Making life easier for an inhouse IT manager

Why working with Consider IT was a great experience to make the leap from a good inhouse IT team to a great IT team.


Relieving the burden of IT

An energy company’s busy in-house IT Manager needed more time to focus on the strategic decisions that really drive value. Valuable time was taken up firefighting and daily tasks of an Inhouse team. Consider IT stepped in and became the trusted outsourced IT Support for the day-to-day IT tasks that keeps a business moving.


Adding IT expertise in a sustainable way

An IT manager’s job is never done. They are responsible for everything from guiding new projects and resolving issues to adopting technology, supporting users with their needs in mind. At the same time managing a busy team of IT people. With so many responsibilities it can be a highly stressful job.

Our energy client, saw that these pressures were mounting as the company grew – but tackling them would be difficult.

Securing additional in-house expertise would be slow and expensive – not to mention a practical challenge during an IT skills shortage. It made sense that they needed outside help to avoid burnout or mistakes caused by shortages inside the organisation.

Our client needed a flexible way to support its IT Manager – freeing up time to focus on the tasks that really deliver value and help a company stay competitive.

To make sure its IT Manager had the freedom and flexibility they needed to focus on delivering value, our client outsourced IT support services to Consider IT.

Our Approach

The secret blend of technology and talent

After talking with the IT Manager, we saw an opportunity to help on two counts – using technology to introduce time-saving automation and providing our constant support with on-demand expertise. 

With our experience, we were able to show potential time savings and commitment to go that extra mile with our excellent managed IT service. 

With a clear view of the benefits of outsourced support, the company engaged us to work with the IT Manager on tasks including:

Handling helpdesk support requests from all users

On-site visits for complex implementations

Holiday and absence cover

Network management to maintain a baseline of performance

Advice on new technology and the long-term IT strategy

The demanding nature of the energy industry meant constantly available, 24/7 support was essential. With our support, the IT manager has peace of mind their technology is in safe hands, whatever the time of day.

The Impact

More time to consider the big picture

Outsourced IT, in the right hands, gives IT managers’ a level of confidence that fundamental issues like performance and stability are in safe hands.

The IT manager can finally focus on strategy to make the leap from a good business to a great business. They have more time focusing on innovation, value-added services and competitive advantage instead of dealing with time consuming day-to-day tasks.

At the same time, our hands-on experience across so many businesses makes us valuable partners for assessing and planning these bigger initiatives. And like so many of our clients it results in a relationship that continues to grow, evolve and thrive.