Police Website Hacked

A Hertfordshire police website has been hacked, leading to the publication of what appear to be login details and passwords for dozens of officers and part of the police force’s website has been taken down as a “precaution” while investigations continue. Hertfordshire Police said information stored on an externally hosted database had been published on the internet.

The information which includes phone numbers and IP addresses, relates to a number of officers in Safer Neighbourhood Teams.

The Police force said in a statement:

“Hertfordshire Constabulary is currently investigating following the publication on the internet of information stored on a database linked to the public Safer Neighbourhoods pages of the external Constabulary website.

“As a precaution these pages have been temporarily disabled whilst the circumstances as to how this information was obtained is investigated.

“There is absolutely no suggestion that any personal data relating to officers or members of the public has been, or could have been compromised.

“Nevertheless matters of IT security are extremely important to the Constabulary and an investigation is already under way.”