Natwest Account Maintenance And Verification Procedures

We monitor a lot of spam messages for clients and have noticed a significant increase in the “Phishing” messages coming in pertaining to be from Natwest. These e-mail messages are fake and do not originate from Natwest or any reputable Bank.

The contents of the email read as follows:

Dear NatWest Customer,
National Westminster Bank have been receiving complaints from our customers for unauthorised use of their Natwest Online accounts
Sign In Here For Your Account Verification

The “Sign In Here” section of the e-mail message actually takes you to a clone of the real Natwest login page. When you enter your details on this page, instead of being authenticated with Natwest’s system, your personal details are simply forwarded to the fraudsters.

Whenever you want to log in to your online banking, always type in the address manually, or at least ensure the address in your browsers address bar is correct. A quick check of the address before logging in can save you hours of struggle and potentially financial losses!