Office Move

Using strong relationships to power relocation

How we made a major office move simple, straightforward and seamless for a digital marketing firm.


Complex office move made simple

When a London office space began to feel cramped for our client a major office relocation was the next big business move. The last thing our client could manage was the complexity of dismantling and rebuilding vital IT hardware. Our hands on experience and expertise of IT office relocation delivered a seamless transition to the new premises with minimal downtime and no disruption to business.  


Outgrowing an established office

When our client, a digital marketing and SEO company, with just two employees at its inception grew into a business with 70-plus workers. We supported them as they continued to grow and needed more IT support to continue to deliver great service.a 

But while our IT services had helped our client do more in limited space, they now found themselves pushing against the physical limits of the cramped office. It was time to start the next chapter in a new location – but the process of IT relocation could be fraught with risk and costly downtime.

With so much going on for a digital marketing agency, it’s not surprising that IT was a huge part of this move. All the existing equipment needed to be decommissioned in one office and moved to the new office. There was an opportunity to add new equipment including conferencing tools and TVs in meeting rooms to supercharge their digital communications.

Making the IT relocation a success would mean:

Recognising potential pitfalls and connectivity issues

Configuring every element to guarantee a quick return to business as usual

Pre-empting the technical challenges that can accompany a move, from complex network dependencies to comprehensive pre and post-move testing

The client needed a team they could trust to take care of their IT out-of-hours, delivering a transition that was invisible for customers and employees alike: no downtime, no interruptions, no surprises.

The client needed a team they could trust to take care of their IT relocation out-of hours. It was vital the transition was invisible for customers and employees alike: no downtime, no interruptions and no surprises. 

Fortunately, the company knew a team known for getting things done! 

Our Approach

Thinking bigger than unbroken hardware

With an existing trusted relationship in place, our client knew that we go the extra mile on every project.

Crucially, we take a holistic approach that goes way beyond the hardware and software elements of IT. While some regard a move with no broken hardware a success, we take that as a given. What Consider IT deliver is an end to end process for a hassle free experience. 

To ensure our client’s business needs were met during their move, we worked closely with them from the earliest stages of planning. We helped design the floor plan that would accommodate their equipment like network ports and electrical sockets. Also regularly liaised with third-party designers and the electrical company to avoid any hiccups. 

As a result, we were able to simplify a complex problem. Our level of involvement meant we could account for the countless details, dependencies and technical elements that make up a successful move. 

Of course, we powered off all the equipment from the old office (including the server room), boxed it for the removals team, and reconnected it in the new premises. 

What our client valued most was the way we proactively planned for every stage of the IT relocation, removing risk and guaranteeing a smooth transition.

We removed the burden of managing their IT so they could focus on everything else that’s involved in getting up-and-running.

The Impact

A place for nurturing growth

With our help, they were able to finish work at their old office on Friday and start Monday in the new location – an inspiring and engaging space that delivered greater quality of work life. At the same time, the new workplace was designed around their employees’ requirements to continue to deliver a high-quality digital marketing service. 

Just as we had led our client from a small team to a big one, our forward-thinking approach meant we could build flexibility and adaptability into the new infrastructure. As new opportunities arise and new challenges need to be navigated, our client remains confident that their space and IT is ready for the next chapter.