Cyber Essentials £1000 Voucher Scheme


As of 27th February 2020, the Scottish Enterprise funding has been depleted and the voucher scheme is no longer taking applications.

Building a Cyber Resilient Scotland

In late 2018 the Scottish Government, in partnership with Scottish Enterprise, released a new action plan to encourage the growth of Scotlands Cyber Security overall. Scottish Enterprise received just over £1 million to help drive growth in the cyber security industry. £500,000 of this investment went into a Cyber Essentials Voucher Scheme for small and medium private and third-sector organisations.

With Consider IT now being one of only a handful of IASME approved Certifying Authorities in Scotland, we are in a great position to advise on this scheme and assist clients with the process of becoming Cyber Essentials accredited.

The procurement landscape is changing. If you’re bidding for contracts, you need this. The Scottish Government recently launched its public and private sector action plans on cybersecurity. 1 in 10 small businesses in Scotland and the North East say they aren’t prepared for a cyber breach. Source: KPMG – Small Business Reputation & The Cyber Risk.

How the scheme works

You must be able to fund the Cyber Essentials costs up front. You will need a copy of your invoice from your chosen Certifying Body to receive the grant. Once you’ve received confirmation of the voucher, Scottish Enterprise reimburses the costs up to the value of £1000.

You must meet the following criteria to be able to apply for the £1000 voucher:

  1. Your company is defined as a small or medium enterprise with fewer than 250 employees;
  2. You have a registered base in Scotland;
  3. Your company is currently trading;
  4. You’re able to provide an ‘SC’ company number to Scottish Enterprise;
  5. Your business has an Internet connection;
  6. You do not currently, and have never had in the past, the Cyber Essentials accreditation (the scheme is open to new applicants only).

There is a finite amount of money available to the voucher scheme, so it’s a first-come-first-served system. You’re not guaranteed to be accepted for a voucher.

How to apply for a CE Voucher

Scottish Enterprise is managing the scheme. When you are ready to proceed, fill out their enquiry form at the following link:

You’ll need to provide them with the following basic information:

  • First and Last Name
  • Company Name
  • Company’s Registered Postcode
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • A Brief Message Regarding Cyber Essentials Voucher

How to get Cyber Essentials certified

As one of only a handful of IASME-accredited Certifying Bodies in Scotland, Consider IT are well positioned to take you all the way through the certification process. If you’re unsure where to start, talk to us about our Pre-Assessment Service where we’ll scope out the process from start to finish and identify any key areas of improvement before you apply for certification. Click here to find out more about Cyber Essentials.

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