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Room full of Old Clunky, Messy Servers with Cables Everywhere.

Isn’t it time to use Server Colocation?

Making server migration a painless process…

Server migration is a bit like open heart surgery. In today’s digital age, data is the lifeblood of any industry, which makes your servers the beating heart of your business. Unfortunately, for many reasons, servers often won’t last the full lifetime of your company.

When it comes to server migration, you want to choose a team with experience and a steady hand. Here are 3 ways our server migration service ensures all your data is transferred seamlessly, so your business doesn’t skip a beat.

Data security

Since data is what keeps modern businesses alive, from intellectual property to customers’ personal information, you can’t risk spilling a drop. Our server migration experts ensure the secure and lossless transfer of all your data from your old servers to your new ones – regardless of whether they are local, or cloud-based.

No downtime

Downtime in any area of your IT infrastructure is never desirable, especially at server level. It brings everything to a standstill. This is why we make sure it doesn’t happen. All your data will be transferred to your new servers while you continue to work on the old ones. We then switch you over seamlessly, during the evening or weekend, with no loss of business hours. If you are working in multiple time zones, we can even do a phased transition for your team.

Never migrate again

Our server colocation service is a great option when it’s time to migrate. Rather than worrying about replacing your in-house servers again in future, and maintaining them in the meantime, we can transfer your data to off-site servers. You maintain full ownership of your servers while we take care of all the maintenance and ensure 99.9% uptime. Saving you time, space, and stress.

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